Training instructions

Feeding and training instructions

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Supplies: food, food and water dishes, rubber toys, ropes and chew toys, a crate (either wire or plastic pet taxi.)  We use the pet taxi, but either works fine. You just want the crate to have enough space for the puppy to turn around.  To avoid having to buy more than one kennel, buy one a little bigger and you can always put something in it to take up space till the puppy gets big enough.

Food:  Pro Pac Performance puppy (Similar food is Royal Canin puppy at Petsmart) If a puppy is being a picky eater, mix any ground up canned food with the dry food. We use Mighty dog available at Walmart. It only take about a Tablespoon mixed in each feeding.

Feed about ____ cup each twice a day. Increase by 1/8 cup increments if the puppy is eating everything in his/her bowl. Give water a few times a day. No food or water after 7 pm to avoid accidents in the crate. Sometimes our puppies are fed a few puppies at a time, so it may take a day or two to adjust to the individual feeding schedule and rationing.

Potty training:  Take the puppy out the same door as much as you can for the first few days. About every 2-3 hrs. This teaches them which door to go to.  Also control the food and water until they are potty trained fully. If you control the food and water you can keep track of when they eat and drink. Most often they will have to go to the bathroom within 20 minutes of eating or drinking. Let the puppy know when you are happy if they do something good and also let them know you're upset when they do something bad.  They really respond to the tone of your voice.

Crate training:  All of our puppies sleep in crates at night. Their first night in a new home may be a little rough.It's not uncommon to have accidents the first 2 nights. Put some shredded paper in their crate in case of accidents. If you have 2 puppies at the same time they will sleep better if crated together. Crates should be just large enough for the puppy to turn around. If you take puppies out of the crate at night, they will expect that again the next night. If a puppy won’t settle down you can put a towel over the crate, play soft music or a clock. You can also put them in a dark room away from noise and away from people getting up at night. Keep in mind that the puppy cannot hurt themselves in the crate. We don't recommend crates during the day if the puppy will be in there longer than 4 hours.  We use playpens and find they work well. You can also use baby gates to isolate them to an area. Some people will use a laundry room or bathroom. Just make sure you pick up rugs or towels.

All puppies chew because their gums hurt from teething. We recommend ropes or rubber toys.  NO RAWHIDE BONES FOR A YEAR!!!

You can always call or text us at 352-552-4141 or e-mail us at info@puppiesflorida.net